Top 5 Spring Break Activities // Tiny Trucker Kids

Top 5 Spring Break Activities // Tiny Trucker Kids

Spring Has Sprung! Spring Break is here and it is always a little challenging to adjust to a new time change, a new daily schedule, and having to plan more time in your day to entertain your children! Well, we have some ideas for you that will hopefully make this extra time with your children a little more fun and a lot more easy for you to get through the week!

Children and adults do better when there is routine, structure, and boundaries, so before you start your spring break, plan it out! Make sure you have a handful of ideas and tools in your back pocket to conquer a rainy day, a hot day, a boring day, or even a sick day, if needed. As parents, we have to plan for everything – just in case!

Plant a Garden – This activity can take all day if you’d like! Start by planning what you want to plant in your garden. Do you want to plant herbs? Vegetables? Flowers? Make a list and head to your nearest nursery, Home Depot, or Lowes! You can typically buy an inexpensive garden bed of any size that are very simple and quick to put together. Decide if you want organic soil and if you want plants that are already growing or if you want to plant seeds. Make sure to pick up a planting shovel and gloves, too! When you are done buying all of your items, head home and get ready to plant your items! This is a great bonding activity to do with your child and it is a great way for them to learn how things grow!

Buy a Butterfly Kit – Most times you have to send away for a butterfly kit, so plan ahead. Make sure to buy it a few days to a week before your spring break begins. You can buy a kit on Amazon for approximately $25. Each set comes with an instruction booklet, food, a mesh habitat, and a cup of 5 caterpillars! The entire transformation from caterpillar to butterfly takes 2+ weeks, so depending on how long your child’s spring break lasts, it may take a little longer than the break itself, but the caterpillar will transform into a chrysalis (cocoon) after about a week, so even if it is a short spring break, you will still get to see a lot of progress within the first week! Once your butterflies are fully grown adults, have a goodbye ceremony for them and let them free! This project is recommended for children as early as 3+!

Nature Scavenger Hunt – You can find free downloadable nature scavenger hunts on Pinterest. Make sure to print one for each child and make sure to bring along a marker, crayon, pen, or pencil to cross things off of the list. Before you go, make sure to spend time taking a paper bag and decorating it for the walk for all of the things you’ll find to put inside! There is not a need for a winner or a prize to complete unless you want to, it will just be fun for them to find everything and finish it! This will take at least an hour to complete and it will be fun for the whole family! Plus they will get to learn along the way!

Build Ice Sculptures – If you don’t have them already, purchase an ice cube tray for each child. You can easily find these at your local dollar store, Target, or Wal-Mart. You can most likely find little treasures around the house, but if not, when you are at the store, pick up some plastic toys that are small enough to fit into each section of the tray. When you have all of your items, place one inside each section of the tray and then fill the tray with water, completely covering the plastic toys. Place your tray in the freezer until the water is completely frozen. Then take the cubes out of the tray and either put them in the sun until they melt (this will keep children busy for a long time) or take a toy hammer or something similar and hit the ice cube until it breaks to get the toy back out! Once your children get all of the toys out, they can play with the items (which will also keep them busy for quite some time!)

Head to the Beach – If you live in an area where there is a beach nearby, then pack up your car and all of your beach essentials and make your way to spend a day in the sand! This outing will take all day and you and your children will benefit from the fresh ocean air and Vitamin-Sea! Plus, by the time you finally make it home your children will be so tired they will go straight to bed after dinner, giving you some down time for yourself! If you live in an area that isn’t near a beach, create one of your own at home! Get out your beach towels, grab your Tiny Trucker Co hats, suntan lotion, sand toys, and whatever else you need and pick a spot outside in the backyard or even in your home (I suggest an open area or a bathroom) and make a beach! Your kids can color a sun on a paper plate to hang up and you can even put play sand and water in a plastic container or plastic pool to use in your beach! Get your bathing suits and sunglasses on and don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch, drinks, and snacks to make your beach day complete! Even if you do live near a beach, this type of beach day imagination can sometimes be even more fun than the real thing!

Whatever you do and wherever you go, have fun and be safe!


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