6 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

6 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year beautiful babes! Who else is excited for 2019?? I know I am! Now that we’re past all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we can do a little “reset” of sorts and get back to feeling like our (awesome) selves again!

If you’re like me, you love making your yearly resolutions/goals, get excited for the first couple of months, but then through the craziness of life and motherhood, you sort of just fall off the wagon and either forget about them or push them to the side while you handle your other business. So today, I’m sharing SIX simple tips to help you stay on track and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions!



  1. Find A Buddy! - Things seem to be so much easier to accomplish when you have a friend who’s going along on the journey with you, don’t you think? Can’t decide what to wear? Text pictures of options A, B, and C to your bestie and she’ll give you her thoughts. Want to hit the gym but can’t find the motivation? Ask her join you and have a blast jamming out to your favorite songs on the way there! Not only does having a friend make it more fun, but it also helps to keep you accountable so you’re more inclined to follow through! Make it even more fun by having matching hats, which you can check out here, to show off your bestie in these “Best Babe” hats!
  2. Create an Inspiration Board – I read in a book once that “what you keep in front of you, you’re moving toward”. What a great piece of advice! Basically, if you’re seeing something every day, you’re more likely to keep pushing toward it, keep moving forward. Make an inspiration board that shows the kind of person you want to be/things you want to accomplish. Want to take that vacation? Find a picture of it and put it on your board. Want to eat healthier? Find some pictures in foodie magazines and pick the most delicious looking ones to go up there too! Had your eye on that super cute bag? Cut out a picture and PUT IT ON THE BOARD! Remember, what you keep in front of you, you’re moving toward!
  3. Get the App! - Now days, there’s seriously an app for everything! Look in your app store and check out what they have to offer. If you’re trying to incorporate more meditation, check out the “Calm” app or “Buddhify”. Want to track how far you’re running? Download an app like “Runtastic”. It helps to track miles and workouts using a built in GPS, monitors your statistics and training patterns, tells you your current pace and distance and so much more! Don’t forget to grab your cute trucker too! This one, and this one, are to be perfect for your running days!
  4. Set Reminders – Seriously, everything you need is on your phone! So many people set the goal of “drink more water” but tend to forget when they have such a busy day-to-day. (#MomLife amiright?!) The best advice I can give, set reminders/alarms right on your phone! For example, if your goal is to “drink at least 8 cups of water every day”, set a reminder for every hour for eight hours and title them “DRINK YOUR WATER!” So simple and so effective!
  5. Write Down the “Good” - Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Days can get hectic and you find yourself feeling down because you have a sink full of dishes, the kid’s toys are all over the floor, that may or may not be spit-up on your shirt, and you can’t remember if you even ate today. BUT I bet there was at least one good thing that happened. You probably accomplished something but lost sight of it because everything else took priority. Do yourself a favor, and write down at least one good thing from each day. It’ll help you to stay on track and keep you from being hard on yourself. You’re only human, and remember, you’re doing a GREAT job mama!
  6. Remember your “why” - My last tip for you is this. After the first few months of the new year, things start going back to “normal”. You get back into a routine and that doesn’t always mean incorporating your “New Year, New Me” goals. But promise me this. If your goal was to “work out more often”, and you’re feeling a major lack in motivation, remember WHY you wanted to work out more. Was it so you could have more energy during the day? Was it to lose a few pounds so you could treat yourself to a new wardrobe? Was it to increase your confidence and feel like that sexy little vixen that your hubby fell for? (by the way, you’re STILL that sexy little vixen in his eyes) If you feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon, and you’re lacking motivation, just remember WHY you started. What is your ideal end result. Remember that and it’ll give you the little boost to keep going, to keep moving forward, and to CRUSH those goals!



So that’s all ladies, six easy tips to keep you on track! This year is going to be an incredible year so if you feel like you’re ready to make 2019 YOUR year, let us know what some of your resolutions are too! We’d love to hear them and help cheer you on along the way! You got this mama!

 Written by: Krystal Delgado

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