Tiny Trucker Locals // Encinitas, California

Tiny Trucker Locals // Encinitas, California

We've all been there, all mamas who have packed up for a day at the beach with their little ones 100% ready for a care free day.  Psshhh...maybe in our wildest dreams!  There is always that one item that we forget, or one of the kids had a blowout and their bathing suit isn't even worth saving.  You know it's true, unfortunately.  Wouldn't it be dreamy if there were a children's boutique at every single beach?  Not just a tourist spot with the location printed on every single shirt and hat, we are talking a unique, quality packed boutique.  A mom can dream, right? 

Luckily for those mamas in North County San Diego, Magical Child saves us and brings us back to that care free childhood we all love.  Magical Child, where all of our children's (and mamas) dreams come true.  What is so unique about this gem of a store?  Magical Child was the first children's boutique to carry Tiny Trucker and bring the special magic to Encinitas, California. 

Not only do they carry Tiny Trucker, but in the whimsical boutique you will find several local companies, on trend shoes, books, decor and all of your children's favorite toys.  As you shop, your kids will have a blast at the "kid's corner" filled with train tables, books and so many educational toys.

As always, Magical Child brings out our inner child at heart and truly makes us want to be a kid again.  Next time you find yourself in a beach dilemma or you just want to spend the day in the breathtaking town of Encinitas, don't forget to make a pit stop at Magical Child and relive that special sunshine feeling. 




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