We don't know about everyone else, but us over here at Tiny Trucker can't believe that Halloween weekend is already upon us! We wanted to do a fun little post showing some of our favorite Halloween desserts, just in case you and your littles need any last minute ideas for the Holiday weekend. 


Witches Brooms:


What you need: 
One pack of Jumbo Marshmallows, Melting Chocolate, Tiny Sticks, Your favorite Halloween Sprinkles
Spooky Grave Yards:
What You Need:
One Pack of Instant Chocolate Jello, Oreo Crumbles, Melano Cookies, Black Icing,
Gummy Worms, and Toy Spiders
Spider Cupcakes:
What You Need:
One Box of Chocolate Cake Mix, Brown Sprinkles, Candy Eyes, Black Twizzlers 
We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful Halloween!


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