Tiny Trucker Family // Back to the Basics

Let's rewind to the common phrase "I got it from my mama", made popular back in 2007. Gaspten years ago! This phrase holds true to almost every situation, especially with Tiny Trucker Company.  Our mom-made, mom-run business was created by owner, Kyla Dahrling.  A native to Southern California, she knows the basics of protecting yourself from the sun.  After having two beautiful and energetic children, the hunt for a cute toddler hat that fits right was nearly impossible, so along came Tiny Trucker!  Kyla built Tiny Trucker from the ground up in her garage, to now having an influential team of women who all are incredible in their own unique way.  She has brought to life so many ideas that have now made their way into our everyday lifestyles. 

Tiny Trucker is now available in over seventy-five retailers across the United States, including boutiques, resorts, children's stores, museums and even hair salons!  Not to mention direct ordering from our website.  Follow along with us here, on our Tiny Trucker Blog as we are thrilled to feature retailers, mom bloggers, lifestyle, motherhood, events and everything you need to know about the TTC family!  

Just a peek... Tiny Trucker is made up of hard working moms who are balancing kids, school drop offs, jobs and making sure everyone is fed, sometimes.  If being a boss mom is wrong, then we don't want to be right!