Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a messy house. (raises both hands lol) I think we can all agree, through the kids playing and leaving toys in every room, pets who somehow shed hair/fur at the speed of light, and wishing we had a personal maid who would come clean our house weekly (if not daily), sometimes our house gets to be a little much.


I have to admit, I’m one who definitely loves a good “To-Do” list, and when I’m really feeling it, I'll be the first to color coordinate, print, copy and laminate it so I can make sure I always have one. (I wish I was joking...don’t judge) With that being said, you don’t have to be a complete clean freak and have major OCD tendencies to be able to have a sparkling clean home. Trust me when I say, it takes time and patience but once you get into a routine, you might just end up loving cleaning (and lists), and you’ll be sure to love your nice clean house too! 


For one reason or another, maybe it’s because the cold weather from Winter is finally going away or because the sun is out more so it feels like the right time, Spring happens to have a reputation for cleaning. If you also have kids, it can really start to feel like a daunting task. But fear not ladies! I’m here to help give you some tips on how to get into the Spring Cleaning “spirit” and hopefully take out the stress!  


Tip 1: THROW THAT HAIR UP AND WORK THAT UP-DO, GIRL! (you can also help keep your hair out of your face by rocking this super cute MAMA ponytail trucker that works for high ponys too!) Honestly, I think nothing bothers me more than having my hair get into my face when I’m trying to clean. Especially when I'm deep cleaning. Save yourself the trouble and toss it into a pony or a messy bun at the start! 


Tip 2: Start listening to podcasts or audiobooks. (audible is a great app that has audiobooks and they’re a total game changer!). I always have something playing when I’m cleaning and the reason is because it helps SO MUCH to make it feel less like a chore and way more enjoyable! Think about the time you spend cleaning in just one day. Whether its 30 minutes or 4 hours, you can get a lot done in that amount of time. Why not enjoy a book you’ve been wanting to read (but haven’t had the chance to sit down and really start it) while you’re doing other tasks too?? You can even link your phone to a bluetooth speaker so you can still hear what you’re listening too, even if you need to go into a different room! 


Tip 3: Start your day by making your bed! It may sound so silly and simple, but I kid you not, it’ll make a huge difference when your bed is made. Every time you walk into your room, your bed will be made and it’ll give you an instant feeling of accomplishment and cleanliness, which in turn will help to motivate you to pick-up around the rest of the house. 


Tip 4: Pick up as you go. Say your counters in the kitchen are all cleaned up and organized. If you leave mail, cups, plates, napkins, keys (and anything else) on the counter, it gets cluttered and can start to feel like it’s getting out of hand which will probably make you less motivated to clean it. BUT, if you hang your keys up when you come in the house, put the mail in its designated area, wash the dishes once you’re done using them, etc., the counter won’t be cluttered and it’ll be easier to stay on top of keeping clean. 


Tip 5: Decluttering your kid’s toys. (Anyone else just want to throw everything into a bag and get rid of all of it??? no? Just me? Ok, moving on) My best advice for this one, is do it when they’re NOT HOME. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll say “keep” to every. Single. Toy you show them which obviously doesn’t help in the slightest. Go through the toys, and donate ones that aren’t getting the love they deserve.  


Tip 6: Keep your home smelling fresh and clean! I personally love diffusing oils and it’s even better when the house is clean and smells clean too! My personal favorites are either Lemon, or a combination of equal parts of Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender. Diffuse away and enjoy the ambiance! If you’re feeling extra good with your accomplishments, enjoy that glass of wine too girl. You deserve it!  
And that’s it ladies! These are some of my favorite things to do that help me get my cleaning done and keep the house nice and fresh! If you have any tips you’d like to share with us and fellow readers, PLEASE share them in the comments! We’d love to hear what your go-to's are for Spring Cleaning! 


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