So. Cal. Spring Social // Women Uplifting Women

So. Cal. Spring Social // Women Uplifting Women

Last weekend Alison and I had the privilege of attending Dr. Kim's (@theparentologist) awesome event at Wilson Creek Winery.  Invited there, were several creatives from all over San Diego and Orange County.  Alison and I had been following most of these inspiring women on social media before the event, so it was exciting to be given the opportunity to make a personal connection and meet the incredible moms behind the Instagram names. 

Even though I myself am not a mother, yet, it was such a fun experience being able to interact and learn from these mamas.  Seeing how they balance being a wife, mother and most of all being mombosses and mompreneurs, it's no easy task!  It truly is amazing to see the impact that a simple photo on your social media page can have on someone else.  It can lead to helping moms going through the same struggles as you or simply help one another connect in the "mom" world.  

It may at times look like rainbows and sunshine but, lets face it, it SURE isn't!  What I loved most about this group of women is that they share not only the great times with their children but also the every day struggles of being a mother.  It allows their followers to relate and have a platform to vent or openly discuss some of the struggles they may be having. I've known Kyla, the owner of Tiny Truckers, for a little over a year now and what has made me grow to love her and all the other women at this company is how real and honest they are about being a mom. Sometimes through social media it can be perceived that your life is so perfect from that one photo but what we don't see are the hundreds that were shot before, i.e. one kid is having a meltdown and the other is running ya get me?  Events like this bring together so many creative and uplifting women which ultimately helps us all make it through our craziest of days.

At the Spring Social, Dr. Kim made it a goal to help raise money for Rady Children's Hospital and baby2baby. This day was not only for being a cheerleader for other women but a day for lifting up and cheering on the human race! 

P.S. Lets talk about these awesome Swag Bags!!

We were some of the lucky few to snag one of these awesome bags!  There were so many goodies from amazing mom-owned companies. Loved By Hannah & Eli, Tubby Todd, Babyganics, Cravory, just to name a few!  A big thanks to our awesome mom boss, Kyla for sending us to this great Spring Social!


XOXO - Kelsey


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