Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

It’s not selfish to prioritize your happiness, to take care of yourself, or to love yourself. It’s one hundred percent necessary.  


If you’re the one who’s usually taking care of the kids, keeping the house together, doing the dishes, finishing all the laundry, getting the grocery shopping done, etc., then you definitely need to make sure that you’re making self-care a priority in your routine. Whether that be a little something every day, once a week, or a few times each month, I highly recommend incorporating it into your routine as often as you can. Trust me, you’ll notice a huge difference in the way you’re feeling, both physically and mentally.  


Today I’m sharing some simple ways to practice self-care, and incorporating little things you can add to your every-day routine, and some more luxurious things you can do if you have the time and chance to do them! 



  • Read a book 
  • Diffuse your favorite oils 
  • Get a manicure 
  • Go for a walk 
  • Listen to your favorite podcast 
  • Have coffee with a friend 
  • Put on a face mask 
  • Enjoy a day at the spa (you can also pair this cute trucker for your spa day!) 
  • Get your hair done 
  • Go out for drinks with a friend 
  • Spend time at the beach (don’t forget your hat to block the sun! This one is perfect for beach days!) 
  • Play with your dog 
  • Watch your favorite movie 
  • Enjoy your favorite snack 
  • Call your best friend 
  • Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting 
  • Take a trip to somewhere you’ve been wanting to go (this Vacay tucker is a must!) 


 Now you may be asking, “Why is it important to practice self-care?” and I’ll tell you. If you’re constantly giving, giving, giving, eventually, you’re not going to have anything left to give, right? You may start to feel exhausted, depleted, resentful, frustrated, irritable. The list goes on. BUT, when you’re making it a priority to focus on doing things for yourself as well, you’ll notice a big shift in how you’re feeling. You’ll probably start to feel happier, more energized, hopeful, excited.  


Like I said, practicing self-care doesn’t have to be the most extravagant thing every time. Doing simple things that really light you up will have a huge impact as well. For example, I know personally that when I take about 30 minutes every day to read, I feel so much better and more relaxed throughout the day. It’s something I love to do and I know that I'm taking time for MYSELF, and not just worrying about everything and everyone else around me. Now, yes it can be hard when you’re a mama and you have your little ones running around or a new baby and everything like that, BUT, the point is that you need to be sure you’re doing something for yourself occasionally so that you’re able to be the best you that you can.  


Remember, it’s not selfish to put you first. It’s not selfish to do things for yourself. It’s not selfish to make you a priority. It’s necessary. So, with that, I encourage each and every one of you to start incorporating a little more self-care into your routine. Whether you decide to start small, or go big, start now! You won’t regret it! We’d also love to hear how YOU practice self-care. Is it always on the same day? Is it every day? Let us know down in the comments! 





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Self care and self love is so important! This was beautifully written! ❤️


With 4 kids at home and a military husband, I definitely forget this a lot. My hubby tries to remind me by scheduling me nail, hair, or massage appts occasionally, but I’ve been making it a point the last month or so to remember for myself. And it’s funny that this was posted today since this morning I woke up after 2 hours of sleep and decided to do Facemask Friday to make me feel better! Lol


I like to sew. I also like to sit by the pool (even at 6am when it’s COLD out there) and have a cup of tea.


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