Fall Favorites // Pumpkin Everything

We blinked for a second and found ourselves right in the middle of October with a Fall Bucket List the size of one of those "how to survive toddlers" books.  With this being one of our most anticipated seasons of the year, we wanted to not only share our love for the season but our love for all of the adventures that go along with it!  

First of all, load up on those pumpkin candles and get your house cozy for this list.

Let's move right into gathering pumpkins with your little ones.  We have successfully made it to more than three pumpkin patches this month, I guess you could say we have a problem? Or maybe just a very healthy addiction.  We will let you decide!  


Another of our all time favorites for the seasons, PUMPKIN everything.  We are those people who run to our Trader Joe's every October and leave with nothing but pumpkin flavored groceries in our cart. Basic, we know.  How can we turn it down when it is just so good?  We promise you, you won't be disappointed in a trip to your local TJ's.  They also have adorable mini pumpkins if you can't make it to your favorite pumpkin patch this year! Win, win! 

This next one is focused towards all of our friends in cooler weather states right now.  I know we shouldn't complain here in California with the warm weather but we are also craving those cool, crisp days where you bundle up and enjoy your favorite pumpkin spice latte.  So we are living vicariously through everyone this month!  Cozy sweaters, festive socks, bundled up babes...we love it all!

Our list is seriously so long, you would be here reading for hours on end!  Here are a few more of our favorite traditions!  Fall baking with your little ones, painting pumpkins, making unique Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins, finding local harvest festivals, host a mom's night in with festive treats (don't forget the wine), delivering pumpkin bread to neighbors and always remembering to show kindness to everyone we meet!  Happy Fall, friends!  





Photography location: Peltzer Winery & Pumpkin Farm 
Photographer: Demi Sue Photography