Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions

Is anyone else basically in shock that Easter is just 16 days away?! I feel like the Easter Bunny maaaay be running a little late to our house this year y’all. Just kidding, but really, I have no idea how it’s already Easter! Next thing you know, it’s going to be summer and then Christmas and then BAM, its 2020!  

Today I want to chat with you about Easter traditions! We’re not many years in over here at our house since both of our kiddos are still pretty young, but as they’re getting older it’s a lot of fun to start new traditions and incorporate them into our celebrations. 



One thing I've tried to start doing more of is including more NON-candy items into the baskets! I don’t know about you guys, but when our daughter gets sugar, she’s on a MAJOR sugar high and gets the giggles full force. I also like to incorporate things that the kids can use more outdoors and going into the summer time as well so it lasts longer! Some items that are great for adding into your kid’s (and baby’s) Easter baskets are: 

  • Board books (Target has SUPER cute ones all for this holiday, in board book and regular book form for the bigger kids too!) 
  • Stuffed animal (my favorites are the smaller plush stuffed bunnies!) 
  • Bath toys (our kids LOVE them to play with in the bath but also outside, in the pool and jacuzzi and even at the beach and river!) 
  • Bubbles 
  • Chalk (check your local Dollar Store! I just saw a set of 6 that look like little eggs in a carton that are all different colors! SOO cute!) 
  • Crayons/markers and a coloring book (amazon has great options and quick shipping! Dollar Store is also great for this too) 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Books (to encourage your little readers!) 
  • Trucker hats! (DUH!) {these are PERFECT to give your little’s for the upcoming season and they’re SOO cute!} | 1 |  | 2 |  | 3 |
  • Swimsuits (I’m partial to the ones from Target because their Cat & Jack line is sooo cute but H&M has super cute ones for kiddos too, as does Carter’s!) 
  • Puzzles 
  • Sandals 


When I was a kid, we always had a little scavenger hunt to find our baskets, and it’s something I am definitely doing with our kids as well! A great way to do this even when your kiddos aren’t quite old enough to read, is to make little “Clues” with pictures. For example, say they start with a clue that has a picture of their toothbrush, they’ll know to go to their toothbrush in their bathroom, and find the next clue. There they’ll find clue number two which may have a picture of books, so they’ll follow it to the bookshelf to find the next one, and so on. It gets their minds going but it’s also a fun way to get them more excited to find their baskets. 


Other fun traditions for Easter that I plan on starting with our littles are these. They’re easy and fun for the whole family! 


DIY your own Easter eggs // My sister and I were chatting about this recently and it really got me thinking. Not all kids like hard boiled eggs, and it’s not always easy to dip eggs into the dyes they sell to color them. SO, what we’ll be doing this year is getting either plastic or wood eggs, then letting the kiddos color them with either markers or fun paints! It allows them to be extra creative and if you throw some stickers in there, it’s a blast for all ages! (you can also use these eggs as part of their egg hunt too!) 


Check out local Easter events // A lot of places offer fun activities for families like Easter egg hunts for different age groups, meet and greet with the Easter Bunny, family breakfast or brunch, and so much more. Check your local businesses and areas to see what fun things are being hosted to celebrate! 


Make an Easter themed breakfast // I love getting creative in the kitchen, so my goal this year is to try to make cute little bunny and egg-shaped pancakes. Along with fresh cut fruit and of course, some delicious coffee. Maybe I’ll even sneak in a yummy mimosa using my M A M A Tumbler. 😉 


Make s’mores with peeps // Who doesn’t love s’mores?! Thankfully for Easter, there are some extra delicious marshmallows that you can use to substitute the regular ones. An extra sweet treat that also adds a pop of color to the fan favorite 


Easter Bunny Trail // I’ve recently been seeing “bunny foot prints” as a way to show the kids that the Easter bunny has been to the house and I thought this was such a cute way to encourage the belief in the Easter bunny as well as add a little extra magic to the day. I think we’ll use chalk to make the footprints outside to make sure it doesn’t leave a huge mess, but it’s also easy to clean up! 


Use props // If you love to get a family picture every year, add in some props like bunny ears, or a cute little backdrop, baskets filled with eggs, and even plush bunnies to set the scene. 



And that’s all you guys! I hope you all enjoyed this week’s post. We can’t wait for Easter over at our house! Let us know what you plan on adding to your kid’s baskets, and what your favorite traditions are that you have for the holiday! We’d love to chat about it! 

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